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24-Hour Comic Book Challenge : WEATHER-WEATHER LANG by Norby Ela
samantha, simone, moi

My friend and the Yo, Bo! Komiks artist for NMN creative, Norby Ela decided to commit suicide and try to go through with the 24-Hour Comic Book Challenge. He hasn't been able to put his talent under this kind of pressure but he was willing to since his confidence has risen considerably since we started doing Yo, Bo! He asked for permission to use some of the characters from the original Yo, Bo! crew and we agreed, granted that we could still use them as our own for Yo, Bo! Komiks.

Long story short, he shouldered on and was able to come up with 24 pages that answers the question "Bakit Astig ang Pinoy?

Although he knows much about living abroad he decided against using OFWs as characters. He hashed it out in his head that people would've already thought of that. He wanted to show that Filipinos, despite being riddled with catastrophic typhoons, had the ability to show other nations, people from that said nation, that Filipinos can find humor and inspiration even in the worst kind of situations. Rather than stating all of that in words, he tried to show by thrusting his main character, which is incidentally Bo D. himself and a Korean student he was tutoring at home into the whole Ondoy fiasco.

What would happen to an English tutor and a Korean kid who hates the Philippines if they are stuck together in the middle of great flood?

Read up to find out.


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