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Office Blues
samantha, simone, moi
I can't believe it. It has happened. Even Eros (my laptop) is banned from the premises. Sure. Sure. It's my fault. They caught me updating my Tumblr while I was having class. But really is it really so bad to repost something while some kid is trying to put her thoughts together. I mean, come on.

I guess it's a good thing that I have to do things illegally now. I plan to keep Eros at home anyway because the Christmas season is also Hold-up season around her. I mean if a grown man can get mugged in broad daylight then I am not risking my unpaid laptop just so I can illegally facebook my free time away. I can always just use that time to write or blog. I am sure I can copy paste faster than I used to and since I can still plurk which pretty much updates my facebook newsfeed then I am good. And if push comes to shove, gladlycast can handle my Karma.

And these people are wondering why those people they forced to move from a convenient schedule are quitting their otherwise very stable company? Really. It's a mystery to me too. Not.

The big boss is coming so I have to clear out my desk. I also need to make sure that they stations of my members are clutter-free. Really. I am like the queen of clutter around these here parts. But I will stuff my stuff in my backpack and find a place to put it in my already cluttered room. I mean sure my roommate has now fully occupied our very tiny closet but I'll find a place to put my stuff in somewhere.

I hate Mondays, have I mentioned that?

Nobody's going to read this so who gives a shit.

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thanks i had a bad day


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