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Friday, 01 May 2009
samantha, simone, moi
Disclaimer: Inspired by the show Being Erica.
Because we all can't have a deu ex makina that can take us back to the day that you regret so you can redo or realize that you did the right thing to do, we can all just pretend that we don't have any regrets.
So here I am, Ms. I don't want to have any regrets (I call them "experiences", labelling some good and others as "hope they never happened but they did".) listing down or trying to.
1. Loosing my virginity to a gay guy. ^^
But I loved him so that is trumped. And he taught me many "splended things".
2. Not meeting Mark when he was still single.
There I said it. Bite me.
3. Letting Mark go. Literally.
I should have insisted. But then again. I would still be a mistress. I guess I would rather be single than that stupid.
4. Not shifting to Development Communication
I could have learned a lot more stuff. But then again, I learned a lot of different stuff as a Communication Arts that I would never learn as a DevComm student. So there. It's just fair I guess.
5. I could have been a lesbian.
There are more women. And...but wait, women are harder to please. They overanalyze shit. Okay, heterosexual again. ^^


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