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24-Hour Comic Book Challenge : WEATHER-WEATHER LANG by Norby Ela
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My friend and the Yo, Bo! Komiks artist for NMN creative, Norby Ela decided to commit suicide and try to go through with the 24-Hour Comic Book Challenge. He hasn't been able to put his talent under this kind of pressure but he was willing to since his confidence has risen considerably since we started doing Yo, Bo! He asked for permission to use some of the characters from the original Yo, Bo! crew and we agreed, granted that we could still use them as our own for Yo, Bo! Komiks.

Long story short, he shouldered on and was able to come up with 24 pages that answers the question "Bakit Astig ang Pinoy?

Although he knows much about living abroad he decided against using OFWs as characters. He hashed it out in his head that people would've already thought of that. He wanted to show that Filipinos, despite being riddled with catastrophic typhoons, had the ability to show other nations, people from that said nation, that Filipinos can find humor and inspiration even in the worst kind of situations. Rather than stating all of that in words, he tried to show by thrusting his main character, which is incidentally Bo D. himself and a Korean student he was tutoring at home into the whole Ondoy fiasco.

What would happen to an English tutor and a Korean kid who hates the Philippines if they are stuck together in the middle of great flood?

Read up to find out.

Can you see dead people?
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Jesse can and so can my brother?

In my case I can feel them sometimes. But I can't and don't want to see them at all. My brother sees walking corpses sometimes and that is so not fun.

Writer's Block: Troubled waters
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When something is troubling you, where do you usually turn? Do you feel like you have a solid network of emotional support? Do you communicate with your best friends in person or online?

I usually keep it in. Although I have close friends and they know me as a talkative person. I try not to worry people and I tend to think they can't help me as well as I can help myself. ^^

Writer's Block: Every ending is a beginning
samantha, simone, moi
If a loved one got diagnosed with a painful, terminal illness and asked you to help them terminate their life before they deteriorated, would you do it? If so, would you want to be present during their last moments?

I am pro-life so I probably won't. But if someone agrees to do it for him, I will stay with him for the last few moments. I would talk energetically about how we were when we were on our outrageous adventures. (This is if he can't talk anymore, if he can I would listen to ever word. I would even try to make him laugh)

Because even if we are in pain, actually when we are in pain, we find (Filipinos at least) the humor in life.

Writer's Block: Password protected
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If your best friend and/or romantic partner read all of your email for the last month (or longer), how would it impact your relationship(s) and why?

Probably not. ^^ I am a pretty open person.

Unless of course he did this covertly then...he has another thing coming. My hand rushing to his cheek. ^^

Improv Everywhere
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Fillipinos love Christmas and caroling as much as the next person. So just to get into the spirit of things and break my blog rants with some yultide spirit. Here you go.

(will embed when I get off work)

Kick Ass has Nicholas Cage - Awesomeness
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18 more days to go
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And I can finally say. Fuck you 2009. Hello, 20-10 Come to Mama!

I seriously hate this year. I really really really hate it. I hate it so much I don't even want to list down what happened this year. I just want to curse most of it.

I really really really really need this year to be over.

I promise to be more positive next year and pray that my insomia doesn't come back with a vengeance.

Oh. Yeah. Too late.

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Office Blues
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I can't believe it. It has happened. Even Eros (my laptop) is banned from the premises. Sure. Sure. It's my fault. They caught me updating my Tumblr while I was having class. But really is it really so bad to repost something while some kid is trying to put her thoughts together. I mean, come on.

I guess it's a good thing that I have to do things illegally now. I plan to keep Eros at home anyway because the Christmas season is also Hold-up season around her. I mean if a grown man can get mugged in broad daylight then I am not risking my unpaid laptop just so I can illegally facebook my free time away. I can always just use that time to write or blog. I am sure I can copy paste faster than I used to and since I can still plurk which pretty much updates my facebook newsfeed then I am good. And if push comes to shove, gladlycast can handle my Karma.

And these people are wondering why those people they forced to move from a convenient schedule are quitting their otherwise very stable company? Really. It's a mystery to me too. Not.

The big boss is coming so I have to clear out my desk. I also need to make sure that they stations of my members are clutter-free. Really. I am like the queen of clutter around these here parts. But I will stuff my stuff in my backpack and find a place to put it in my already cluttered room. I mean sure my roommate has now fully occupied our very tiny closet but I'll find a place to put my stuff in somewhere.

I hate Mondays, have I mentioned that?

Nobody's going to read this so who gives a shit.

Friday, 01 May 2009
samantha, simone, moi
Disclaimer: Inspired by the show Being Erica.
Because we all can't have a deu ex makina that can take us back to the day that you regret so you can redo or realize that you did the right thing to do, we can all just pretend that we don't have any regrets.
So here I am, Ms. I don't want to have any regrets (I call them "experiences", labelling some good and others as "hope they never happened but they did".) listing down or trying to.
1. Loosing my virginity to a gay guy. ^^
But I loved him so that is trumped. And he taught me many "splended things".
2. Not meeting Mark when he was still single.
There I said it. Bite me.
3. Letting Mark go. Literally.
I should have insisted. But then again. I would still be a mistress. I guess I would rather be single than that stupid.
4. Not shifting to Development Communication
I could have learned a lot more stuff. But then again, I learned a lot of different stuff as a Communication Arts that I would never learn as a DevComm student. So there. It's just fair I guess.
5. I could have been a lesbian.
There are more women. And...but wait, women are harder to please. They overanalyze shit. Okay, heterosexual again. ^^


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